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VTAC Rifle Drills (Pt 1)

VTAC Rifle Drills (Pt 1)

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Digital Edition ONLY

Viking Tactics Rifle Drills (Part I), will walk you through 6 of Kyle's favorite rifle drills. In this course, you'll be introduced to (and shown the proper way to perform) these fundamental rifle drills.

Included are:

  • VTAC 100 Yard Aggregate
  • 2x2x2 Drill
  • VTAC 50 Yard Aggregate
  • 1-5 Drill
  • El Presidente w/ Rifle
  • Stretch Kneeling

    Extra includes:

    • VTAC Products Overview
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      Lessons and Chapters

      1. Introduction
      Rifle Drills Introduction: 3:55

      2. Rifle Drills
      100 Yard Aggregate: 8:04
      2-2-2 Drill: 2:51
      50 Yard Aggregate: 6:35
      1-5 Drill: 3:55
      El Presidente w/rifle: 6:23
      Stretch Kneeling: 4:55

      3. Extras
      VTAC Products Overview: 16:25


      Sergeant Major Kyle E. Lamb (retired), spent more than 21 years with the United States Army, more than 17 years of which were with the U.S. Army Special Operations. SGM Lamb has conducted combat operations in numerous theaters of operation, including Mogadishu, Somalia (Black Hawk Down Incident), and has served numerous tours in Iraq (the current war as well as Operation Desert Storm) and Bosnia. SGM Lamb is now the Founder and President of Viking Tactics, Inc. as well as the author of “Green Eyes and Black Rifles: The Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine.” Lamb is a highly sought after military and law enforcement trainer, conducting Leadership Training Seminars, Team Leader Planning Courses, Tactical Commanders Course, Active Shooter Courses, Dynamic Tactical Entry Courses, as well as Carbine and Pistol Courses.

      Kyle Lamb's VTAC

      Kyle E. Lamb served for 21 years, 17 of which were with the most elite elements of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He has been decorated for valor in Mogadishu, Somalia, during the battle that was made famous by the movie Blackhawk Down. He was also decorated for valor during Operation Iraqi Freedom. SGM (RET) Lamb is one of the most credible and sought-after shooting and tactics instructors in the country. The owner of Viking Tactics, his master-level expertise comes directly from real-world experience.

      Viking Tactics, Inc. offers an elite selection of high-quality, battle proven tactical gear, designed by warriors for warriors.

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